Society of Elevators & Escalators Professionals (SEEP)

The core objective of the “Society of Elevators & Escalators Professionals (SEEP)” is to support the Lifts/Elevators & Escalator community to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, and skill development across all Vertical Transportation domains i.e; Lifts/Elevators, Escalators, Dumbwaiter, etc. Effective utilization of this platform will help to identify solutions to real-world challenges while promoting the vital role of the Elevator & Escalator Professionals to improve the Safety & Quality of products and services in the global market.


Vertical Transportation (VT) is an integral part of building systems and is one of the fast-growing industries, however, there is no platform available to represent the VT Professionals at International Level. Hence the “Society of Elevators & Escalators Professionals” (SEEP) was founded by Shakeel Ahmad in Feb. 2022 to unite the VT fraternity under one roof for the common cause. More than 500 Vertical Transportation Professionals from various Elevator/Escalator companies/businesses across the globe have joined the Society since its inception.

Society Membership Eligibility:

  1. Elevators / Escalator (EE) Professionals (Manager, Engineers, Supervisors, Foreman, Technician)
  2. Elevators/Escalator Companies / Business Owners / Operators
  3. Complementary Membership (Consultants, Architects, Instructors, Trainers)
  4. Student membership (Undergraduates, graduates from any Engineering discipline pursuing a career in the Vertical Transportation Industry).


  • FREE Lifetime Membership for VT Professionals. Click here to access the membership form. 
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