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“Reading books and writing is my passion. I love to write on Leadership, Management, Safety, and Technical matters. Below is the list of a few of my blog posts.”

  • Corporate Social Anxiety
    “Corporate Social Anxiety” refers to the apprehension and unease experienced by individuals in a corporate environment, especially in social situations. … Read more
  • Mastering Success with SMART Goals
    Mastering Success with SMART Goals is nothing but a Blueprint for Achievement. Setting goals is an essential part of personal … Read more
  • Stop Workplace Bullying
    “Awareness about Corporate/Workplace Bullying” Corporate bullying is a form of workplace harassment where individuals or groups misuse their power to … Read more
  • Office Politics
    “What is Office Politics? Is it healthy and productive?” Office politics refers to the informal power struggles and alliances within … Read more
  • Tips for well-being
    Mental Health is the foundation of comprehensive well-being, which has a significant impact on all aspects of life. In emotionally … Read more
  • Improve your Leadership Skills!
    “Simple tips to improve your leadership skills” Leadership skills encompass a diverse range of abilities essential for guiding and motivating … Read more
  • Elevator Inspection & Maintenance
    Elevator quality plays a vital role for human / passengers / users safety. Elevator inspection and maintenance is vital for … Read more
  • Basic Safety Terminologies
    Field activities are full of hazards & risks. Workers “MUST” strictly adhere to the “Health & Safety” policy & guidelines … Read more
  • Work-life balance
    As an employee, you should be clear that no one is indispensable to the organization. A company can hire & … Read more
  • Elevator Installation (Part 1)
    Dear Elevators/Lifts Engineers,I would like to share my personal experience with the Elevator professionals.To become a Professional Elevator/Lift Engineer, you … Read more
  • Cast the Vision
    No matter how strong your leadership, negotiation, persuasion, and communication skills are, without a clear vision, your team is going nowhere. … Read more
  • Why get trained?
    Every day you are learning something new and adding value to your profile. What exactly is happening to you during this process? … Read more
  • Be a helping hand
    People appreciate those who help them grow in their personal lives or in their careers and professions. This is the … Read more
  • Empathy and Compassion
    I strongly believe that good leaders must have two (02) qualities. Empathy & compassion but unfortunately these things are often forgotten. One … Read more
  • Essential Management Skills
    Do you know what are essential Management Skills? In 1955 Robert Katz has identified three essential management skills: technical, human, … Read more
  • Invest in yourself FIRST
    As a leader, your priority is to grow your organization or business. Have you ever thought, what determines the growth … Read more
  • Be an exemplary follower
    You might have read many articles about leadership traits, but my today’s article is unique in the sense that I am … Read more
  • Self-discovery “Finding your best version”
    I would like to start my today’s article with the quote of the legendary Albert Einstein, “Everybody is a genius. … Read more
  • Risk Management Competency
    What is RISK management competency & maturity? Below are my notes from the Risk Management training module, which I conduct … Read more
  • Books are the best teachers
    Hello Friends, An average CEO reads 60 books every year. A good book is like a teacher, a mentor, a … Read more
  • Don’t worry, be happy!
    Do you believe in fate and destiny? Almighty God has the perfect timing. Never early and never late. It takes … Read more
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