Don’t worry, be happy!

Do you believe in fate and destiny?

Almighty God has the perfect timing. Never early and never late.

It takes a little patience and faith but it is worth the wait.

Some people are able to complete their studies at the age of 22 but they are searching for their dream job for the next 5 years.

Someone becomes CEO of the company at the age of 25 and we knew that he died at the age of 50.

However, we know that someone became CEO of the company at the age of 70 and they lived a happy life until 90 years of age.

Someone with a handsome job is still waiting to get married and a few are married before they could find a reasonable job and they are living a happy life.

Barak Obama retired at the age of 55 whereas Donald Trump has become President at the age of 70.

Some students smile even if they failed the exams and few are upset because they scored just one number less to get an ‘A’ grade.

Someone has achieved their goals so easily and others are struggling all their life to be successful.

Everyone in this world is living in his own “time zone”, in fact, few people are far ahead of us in the “time zone” and few are lagging behind but the matter of fact is that everyone is moving right in his own “time zone”. Everyone has his own story, everyone has his own journey.

So no need to compare yourself with anyone. No need to get jealous of anyone. Stay in your own time zone and wait for the right time, the right opportunity, and the right moment.

Wait and be compassionate. You are neither late nor ahead of what is written in your fate.

Almighty Allah (God) is the best planner. In his infinite wisdom, he has created all human beings for the right purpose at the right time in the right place.

He knows our capacity and capabilities, He knows what we can bear and withhold.

He knows who should be blessed with what, but at the right time and at the right level.

Get yourself stuck with the plans Almighty has for you. He knows the best and rests assured that that will be the best possible plan for our larger interest.

So don’t get upset, and don’t compare yourself with others. Don’t get jealous of others and wait for the right moment and it really worth the wait.

Therefore don’t worry, be happy!

Stay blessed.

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