Stop Workplace Bullying

Stop Bullying

“Awareness about Corporate/Workplace Bullying” Corporate bullying is a form of workplace harassment where individuals or groups misuse their power to intimidate or manipulate others within the organization, office/field, or any … Read more

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Tips for well-being

mental health tips

Mental Health is the foundation of comprehensive well-being, which has a significant impact on all aspects of life. In emotionally resilient people, the stress levels are lower, productivity is higher, … Read more

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Basic Safety Terminologies

Field activities are full of hazards & risks. Workers “MUST” strictly adhere to the “Health & Safety” policy & guidelines of your respective organizations & labor office/law. Following are a … Read more

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Work-life balance

As an employee, you should be clear that no one is indispensable to the organization. A company can hire & fire anyone, anywhere and anytime. What really matters is your … Read more

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Risk Management Competency

What is RISK management competency & maturity? Below are my notes from the Risk Management training module, which I conduct for managers. I hope this will add value to your … Read more

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