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I am a Corporate Training Consultant, who knows how to convert Knowledge, Skills, and Experience into excellent training modules to make you fly. Enhance your skills & strengthen your profile by an industry expert, certified trainer, mentor & coach through affordable and customized training programs.

For the first time in Pakistan, especially the twin cities (Islamabad & Rawalpindi), I am offering the most affordable training courses for Professionals, with a special discount for students and FREE courses for deserving candidates & organizations.

Being a certified Trainer and industry expert with an extensive experience of around two decades in mentoring, teaching, coaching, and training, both Technical & non-Technical Professionals and students. I can guide and train you in a well-structured manner with a very user-friendly and easy-to-understand approach to ensure that you understand the concepts and implement them in your practical field.

★My prime objective is to transfer my international experience, knowledge, and skills to local professionals & society.

I can ensure your effective learning, which will help you enhance your skills, knowledge, competency, and upgrade your profile with:
★Effective Communication & Presentation Skills
★High-Quality Original material
★On-time & Cost effective solution
★Learning support & need based training
★Customized material with relevant examples & case studies
★Value for money
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Below are a few of my methods for your effective learning process.
★Face-to-face training & coaching
★Online Training/Meetings
★PPT Presentations
★MS Word, Excel Sheets
★Downloadable material
★Editable templates
★Email & WhatsApp support & guidance
★Easily approachable
★At your premises

Check the Events Calendar and choose the session. For organizations, please contact me to fix a suitable schedule as per your requirements.

The financial growth and success of individuals and organizations is determined by the growth of its people, who have excellent skills, knowledge, competencies, and professional attitude. Click here to read more about the benefits of professional training.

✪ If you have questions in mind, read the FAQs page for more clarity.

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I am offering various training courses for Professionals, Beginners & Students in the following 03 categories. Please click on each tab based on your need/requirement, read the details of available courses, and select the one suits you the best.