Stop Workplace Bullying

“Awareness about Corporate/Workplace Bullying”

Corporate bullying is a form of workplace harassment where individuals or groups misuse their power to intimidate or manipulate others within the organization, office/field, or any workplace.

This behavior can include verbal abuse, gestures, calling bad names (based on job title, position, skills, education, color, creed, nationality, language body physique, etc), manipulation, exclusion, or unjust criticism, leading to significant emotional distress and lowered morale among employees.

Corporate bullying not only impacts the well-being of individuals but also hampers overall productivity and organizational culture.

Addressing this issue requires strong anti-bullying policies, awareness campaigns, and a commitment to fostering a respectful and inclusive work environment.

Managers, Supervisors, and HR should set in place stringent watchdogs, which may include “voice of employees, whistleblowing, random inspections, surveys, one-to-one communications” etc to ensure everyone is safe and healthy.

Speak out now, raise your voice, and stop Workplace Bullying.

Always practice respect, humanity, empathy, and compassion.


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