Office Politics

“What is Office Politics? Is it healthy and productive?”

Office politics refers to the informal power struggles and alliances within a workplace. There are two aspects to it. Positive & Negative.

Negative / Cons:
It involves individuals using tactics to gain advantage, manipulate others, or advance their own agendas. While some level of politicking is inevitable in any organization, excessive office politics can create a toxic work environment, leading to decreased morale and productivity.

Positive / Pros:
Professionalism and integrity within the organization can be maintained while navigating office politics, which involves emotional intelligence, diplomatic skills, and a thorough knowledge of the workplace culture. This is what some of the leaders practice as a strategy.

My personal opinion:
A fair, free, and transparent work environment, which fosters trust and teamwork, and the involvement of concerned employees in the decision-making process is the best practice and I personally recommend it.

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